There will be some snips this summer transfer window 2022

There will be some snips this summer transfer window 

Rüdiger‘s agent was in Barcelona on Wednesday to negotiate with Barça!😨 That would be a big move, right?

Apparently Rudiger to Juventus was almost a done deal 2 weeks ago. Gazzetta dello Sport who first broke the news of Juventus negotiating with Rudiger, said they offered him €7M net salary and they were in adavanced negotiations, negotiating the commission fees for the agents.

As we all know, the board has set a salary limit of 5M fixed net salary, but the deal might not be as hard to achieve as someone thinks, because if all the news about Rudiger rejecting PSG and Juventus offers are true, then he doesn't care only about the money. I have said before that Rudiger would be almost impossible due to his demands, but that changes with the last events that happened, like the 2 offers I mentioned above.

Barcelona could give him a similar offer to what Juventus gave him, 5M-6M fixed + 2M in variables which could he fulfilled in case of matches played + tittles won. Barcelona already offered 4M-4.5M + 2M in bonuses to Kessie, so a similar fee could be offered to Rudiger.

Since Barcelona is closing in the renewals of Araujo and Gavi, they will have more freedom to offer higher salaries to more experienced or proven players like Rudiger. The thing is that Rudiger is 29yo, has entered in his prime years and is demanding to be paid according to the performances and the experience he has. 

I wouldn't mind getting Rudiger a salary of 6M +1M/2M or even 7M net fixed because he is in his prime years, he is the best defender on his team, the fastest player in Premier League this season and a verstile player who can complement Araujo very well. Despite being right footed, Rudiger is playing as the left center-back for Chelsea and his passing is really good, you don't necessarily need to have strong left-foot to play in that position. He would easily bench Christensen in Barcelona too, and Barcelona could sell either of them after 1 year if they are not satisfied with the team 

Either ways, his arrival would be improvement for the team and would only create more competition

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